OMG!!! Awesome person to work with, I would recommend him to anyone needing help and guidance. He is very gifted and you won't be disappointed by having a reading with him, you will be amazed!!


Thank you so much for the reading! You really changed my life! Things that were nagging at me relentlessly were put to rest with a few words when you were able to connect me to my mother. You really gave me great direction and clarity! I called to thank the person that connected you to me and I would certainly recommend you to anyone! Thank you again for all that you do! You are a great gift to this world!!

Eileen, NY

I have used your services 3 times and everything has always turned in the direction you said would.  I'm ecstatic and very pleased and will use you again. Thank you for the awesome readings!!!

Dana, NC

Thank you so much for the reading! I truly believe that I was lead to you several months back for a reason. You have relieved so much stress (this does not mean I will relax and stop working toward that goal). Normally I am able to ask myself yes or no questions in my head and one side of my head will have pressure thus giving me my answer, but I think the stress clouded my feeling and I was worried that I was influencing the answer because it is what I wanted (even though its never steered me wrong). Thank you a thousand times over! You are a truly amazing person! Even though the last time we spoke I received a bit of heart breaking news I cant help but feel like I took an extremely long and relaxing nap after speaking with you whether is over the phone or via email. You truly radiate positive energy that affects those you come into contact with! Thank you so much for all that you do! I will be in touch!

Jourdane, AL

There have been several times in my life that I have felt like I was going to go CRAZY to find the right answers or where I needed to go. I have turned to Jonathan in those times of needs to help me get through them. He has always been of great help and has eased my mind in so many ways!! I can truly say that he is great to work with and is very detailed in his readings. I will continue to use him in my time of needs. Not only is he gifted but he has become a friend!!!

Christa, VA

I was going through a very hard time and a good friend of mine kept telling me to call Jonathan. After several months, I finally gave in and called. I’m so grateful I did. I was blown away within the first 10 minutes of talking to Jonathan. I wish I would’ve called a lot sooner! Everything he said was dead on and everything he said would happen, has happened. A year and a half later, I still talk to him on a regular basis. He has become such a good friend and a very important person in my life. He’s done so much for me. He tells it like it is, good or bad, and he’s given me such great advice. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. His psychic abilities are amazing and he probably has the biggest heart out of everyone I know! I can’t say enough good things about him!!! Calling him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Andrea, PA

From the first second of the first reading with Jonathan about a year ago, I felt that he is a special person with a unique ability enabling him to instantly connect with and understand me. His style is always informed, engaged, tactful, and honest. Jonathan is an articulate, evolved, highly enlightened individual with an expanded knowledge of our complex world, life, and spirituality.

In our various conversations since, he has warmly and generously shared with me his wisdom and what seems to me to be phenomenal insight. He has helped me make significant changes in my life.

Jonathan has patiently helped me weigh alternatives regarding religion, career, relationships, etc. I cannot think of anything that I would feel uncomfortable discussing with Jonathan and trust that what he says is truthful.

- Elias, Texas

  I was referred to Jonathan when I reached out for help of the spiritual nature when I felt I had exhausted all avenues of a missing person’s case. Jonathan was extremely compassionate and sensitive in our first phone call and continued to be throughout the case. He realized our pain of the unknown was far worse than the final outcome, which I have learned is often the case with most families.
From the first day Jonathan was able to “cold read” his interpretations of where this missing loved one was going to be located and his impressions did not change whatsoever.
  When the body was located, I was dumbfounded at the accuracy of Jonathan’s information in very specific detail. What I found remarkable about Jonathan’s gift was not just that he was so accurate, but that he was extremely confident about the areas he felt so strongly about, and upfront about impressions he could not be sure of. That was critical in progressing this case.
  Prior to working with Jonathan, I have to say I did not have a very strong opinion about how intuitive's play a resource role in missing person’s cases; from my own personal experience with him, that has changed radically. As a result I have begun to work with Jonathan on numerous other missing person’s cases where his intuitive skills can assist in locating a loved one or shed some light as to how they left us.
  Please check back as we will be posting, with consent, updates on those cases.
  While I write this heartfelt testimonial, I also feel the need to say that I am aware of many cases where a psychic has not been helpful, and in some cases families have been further pained by a bad experience with an unqualified intuitive. My endorsement of Jonathan is based on my initial and ongoing experience with him. I would not suggest using any psychic for any reason, without a personal referral from someone you trust.
  If you are considering working with Jonathan, and would like to verify the information contained in my testimonial, please email him at jonathanbullockpsychic.com.

- Shannon, NJ

  After about four calls with Jonathan, I feel more like a friend than a client. Jonathan has been very helpful in answering any question I come up with. I beleive he clearly knows what he is doing in his ability as a psychic. Jonathan was able to describe my boyfriend to a tee as well as give me some other important information. He gave me wonderful tarot readings. I'm excited about the future.

  Right now though, life is a bit on the tough side. Jonathan not only gave me hope enough to hang on and think positively about my future, he also gave me wonderful advice to get me through the here and now. Jonathan not only has powerful psychic abilities, he also has much wisdom to share, which to me is even more important. I believe he cares very deeply about others. 

  Jonathan sure doesn't waste my time. He never tries to drag out the reading, talks quickly, and gives alot of information in the time I have. I'm happy to have called him, and will continue to call untill he retires,lol.

Living in Maine

  Jonathan is a truly gifted reader. He is so easy to talk to and his visions are so clear. He described things accurately and in great detail. I felt he saw my soul. No issue is to great or too small, he handled all of my questions with great sensitivity. I highly recommend Jonathan and will be getting more readings from him in the future!


  I had an amazing reading with Jonathan on May 30, 2008. He is very honest, very nice, and extremely gifted. I am so thankful that I was able to have a reading done by him. The reading was just awesome, he was completely accurate on everything. He knew all about the health issues with my family, lifestyles of my siblings, myself, what path I should be on for my new adventure in life. Every question I had in my head was answered with complete accuracy, and the ones that I had forgotten about, he brought up anyway! I was blown away by his ability, he is blessed with an amazing gift. I can't wait to have more readings with him, and have been passing his name along to everyone as a highly reccommended physic. Thank you

Amy, VA.

  I would love to take a moment and share with you some of a phone conversation I had with Jonathan. I was looking to get a reading . Feeling as though I was at a crossroad in my life,and was trying to seek out someone I felt that I could trust. Well I met Jonathan through a friend of mine . I had a feeling that this was the right guy for the job. I was so happy to have met such a wonderful person who also carries a gift of seeing your past , present, and, future! He is amazing to me. He was able to touch on things that were personal and only my heart , mind ,and, soul had known. I was amazed ! What he saw was so accurate and detailed . I was extremely impressed . From there he asked if I had any questions that he may try to answer for me.Here is where my story come in.My siblings and I wanted to know if my Dad was at peace and if he passed away in peace. He was able to tell me what he passed from. He also told me he saw him in a river fishing. Very much at peace . My father was an avid outdoorsman and love to fly fish. He told me that my dad,was telling him ,to tell me, to go fishing. Well that was it. I had to do it. Today is June 15, 2008. Fathers Day ! My sister helped me with the idea of going today. I thought PERFECT ! My daughter and I went fishing today. For every worm we reluctently hooked, ( LOL ) we caught a fish. We had a great time ! It took my mind off of how much I missed my Dad ,and made me feel closer to him. What a gift ! Thank you sooo much Jonathan ! You`ll be hearing from me at my next crossroad.
  Darlene P.

  I just wanted to say hi and that since I have had my reading I am looking at things a little differently and it has helped me. You were so right about the health issues too.
Thank you for taking the time to read me that day, it really has meant alot.
  Lynchburg, VA

  Jonathan did a reading for me this week and again I was impressed with his psychic ability and skilled intuition. Not only did Jonathan answer questions I asked him but also the ones I was thinking of asking him. Jonathan knew what I wanted to ask and instead asked me what was going on in certain situation. Thanks again Jonathan. Until my next reading, Take care my friend.
  Jonathan did a reading for me this week and again I was impressed with his psychic ability and skilled intuition. Not only did Jonathan answer questions I asked him but also the ones I was thinking of asking him. Jonathan knew what I wanted to ask and instead asked me what was going on in certain situation. Thanks again Jonathan. Until my next reading, Take care my friend.

Lynchburg, VA

I have had two readings with Jonathan. My first one was a one hour reading. At this time I had been living in China for over 2 years. I was feeling hesitant at first to have a reading because I did not know him, Jonathan was not referred to me. After a brief conversation over the phone with him, he sent me an email telling me things about myself that he simply could not have know had he not had an intuitive psychic ability. After reading his email, I decided to have a reading with him.

During this reading, Jonathan said things to me which honestly helped me move forward in a strong and positive way. He told me things about my character that were really specific. He told me things about how my work and dreams would unfold, about who I am and about how blessed I am...this has only given me more strength and brought hope into my life.

Jonathan has continued to help me understand the spiritual path I am on. It is a personal and intimate experience to have a relationship with a psychic. I feel blessed to have Jonathan be a part of my life and I have no doubt that he will help me make positive life choices for the years to come. He is a deeply loving individual, with an obvious profound spiritual understanding of this world and beyond. He is open minded and talented. I hope that I can bring friendship and love into his life as he has done just that for me.


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